Cell Therapy

In order to avoid interference with clinical trial recruitment and to avoid sharing partial information that could create unjustified expectations in patients with non-unions, this section will only be fully available once the clinical trial has produced some results and/or the recruitment has been closed. The scientific community can always contact the Consortium to inquire about the current situation of the trial by filling the available form (see Contact), or following the trial through the EUDRA web page.

 This enclosed video from the EuroStemCell web page provides information about how the Stem Cells work and their potential uses.

 The following Poster by César Nombela-Arrieta and Leslie E. Silberstein provides an excellent overview about the identity of MSCs in vivo and the effects of their in vitro expanded progeny, highlighting key questions that remain in the field regarding the biology of these elusive cells.

The identity and properties of mesenchymal stem cells

Finally, find the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) Patients Handbook on Stem Cell Therapies (2008), with a list of frequently asked questions related to stem cell therapies.

Patient handbook on stem cell therapies