The last patient of the ORTHOUNION clinical trial has been recruited on the 30th of June of 2021.

Recruitment is now officially closed in all participant centres. In doing so, the second Milestone of the WP1 has been accomplished. This would not have been possible without the enormous effort and true collaboration of all physicians, clinical trial support team and researchers.

Since the beginning of the project, we have encountered many hurdles that increase with the COVID pandemic, but even during these challenging times, the team kept a deep commitment to helping as many patients as possible in need of effective non-union treatment. 

The target sample size was not reached, but we are convinced that the ORTHOUNION study will still provide valuable information on the treatment of recalcitrant non-union fractures. Meanwhile, we still have some work left, such as completing the patients’ follow-up and communicating our final results.

Thank you, again, to the scientific team, and thank all participant patients for trusting in us!


The Orthounion Coordination Team