A large variety of biomaterials have been clinically used to provide osteoconduction. Among these, synthetic bioceramics composed of hydroxyapatite (HA) and beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) are currently used in clinical scenarios. MBCP+™ (Biomatlante, France) is a class III implant of wide use with CE marking (CE0123) and FDA 510(k) approved. It is a biphasic material composed of HA/β-TCP in a ratio of 20/80 in weight, resorbable and able to be rapidly replaced by newly-formed bone.

Under the EU-FP7 REBORNE project, preclinical studies were conducted to analyse the safety and efficacy of the association of the MSC with different biomaterials. MBCP+TM confirmed high colonization  by osteogenic cells and was also more efficient for combination with  bone marrow cells before implantation without affecting the MSC propieties, which suggested that it could be used in a treatment of bone defects instead autograft. [i-iii]

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